The Mystery of the Immaculate Concussion

Electronic Weapons, aka “Directed Energy Weapons” are a staple in the Gang stalking dialectic, and news outlets ranging from Forbes, to GQ Magazine have begun to discuss it out loud.

He was a senior CIA official tasked with getting tough on Russia. Then, one night in Moscow, Marc Polymeropoulos’s life changed forever. He says he was hit with a mysterious weapon, joining dozens of American diplomats and spies who believe they’ve been targeted with this secret device all over the world—and even at home, on U.S. soil. Now, as a CIA investigation points the blame at Russia, the victims are left wondering why so little is being done by the Trump administration.

By Julia IoffeOctober 19, 2020

Journalists must learn to sourcewatch and gatekeep those who put themselves forwards as professional pundits in the gang stalking dialectic.

I do not write about any electronic weapons related material in the gang stalking dialectic UNLESS there is science, and news reporting on that topic, because there are just too many crackpots and conspiracy nutters writing gibberish like this, and this on that topic. Or, when people like Dr. Eric Karlstrom writing as he does about wiretaps and speculating about how our networks all run through various CIA/FVEYs funded switched routers.

So, that said, electronic weapons are real, and I have personally encountered them on three occasions. The question is: how to document it, and how to report on these cases? The example above is one such case, and another excellent example can be found here, in the story of targeted diplomats, those diplomats likely are Jewish- neocon-christians who, in my opinion probably should be targeted with investigation, because they “pop up ” in the background of so any mass shootings across America these days.

This background work is evidenced by the narrative that runs in the media, and then, the web scrubbing of the shooters Facebook and other SOCMED immediately following the event, which deliberately hides evidence of what provocateurs were cyber stalking and harassing them on their pages. Behind hiding evidence and moving goal posts, the “un- naming” of people who become radicalized mass shooters smacks of cultist belief systems, and dark ritualistic religion. Here is one such cultist pseudo-scientific tome’ by Mona Charen demanding that media not name mass shooters, and incel butter knife wielding car crashers.

There are currently two competing theories about the nature of the electronic weapons that are reported to have been encountered by US spies and diplomats around the world:

1-that its possible some of the symptoms reported by various persons ranging from diplomats and covert CIA spooks to tourists could be related to pesticides, and “organophosphate poisoning” is the cause (consider the source of this theory)

2-yup, its an electronic weapon–but only the “bad guys” like Russia and China, and of course “terrorists” of ever morphing and nebulous “threat levels” would use them. Certainly the morally pure, baby-bombing, depleted uranium salting, child porn distributing Jewish-christian confabulation of the Five Eye’s Nations would never do such a thing, right?

The thing is, in spy-world, what comes around goes around. Its impossible to call a spade a spade on a rigged roulette table full of hidden players who do really bad things. Regardless of the politics involved (and if you read through the highlighted piece about senior CIA intelligence agent Mark Polymeropoulos on a self guided tour to Moscow (his rank was equivalent to a four star general)–we see that politics is front and center in these cases of who gets targeted.

So what we see in actuality is that the right/left wings of the Jewish-christian western narrative, and their Hydra’s and Medusa’s of related affiliates compete for both theoretical superiority, but also valuable newspaper inches and web clicks.The centrist position is to consult all of the online gibberish written between 911 and today, and seek clues as to the origins and political, corporate, and intelligence affiliations of the writers, and then, consult the verified science for comparison.

What you will find is that many of the early 2003-2013 era reports are actually current and former military, police, and a hodgepodge of military contractors, cold case investigators, and many others in those circles talking to each other , and trying to sound as nutty as they can possibly sound. These claims range from the totally bizarre “they’re zapping my vagina with directed energy weapons, forcing me to have orgasms all day!!”

Related Story: Electronic vagina zapping and the zappers that can do it is like, a real thing, but not in context to gang stalking. Read “The Orgasmatron: Strange tale of a pleasure implantfrom the BBC

The Orgasmatron is an actual electronic implant that can actually zap your junk at the flick of a button

Amongst those that I documented using simple OSINT and SOCMINT, I have discovered:

-US Security industry contractors ranging from helicopter leasing agents, to bridge builders and oil reserve exploration corporations involved, and those as direct beneficiaries of the federal or US military contracting apparatus.

-actual spooks and spies as we see with so much of the Targeted Justice crew

-lots and lots of police from local departments who are hosting military contractors who are trying to sell their various toys that target civilian populations

-curiously, lots of women who work in “leadership development” and other HR related fields, stacking the deck in Human Resources departments at all major corporations

-lots and lots of “cold case investigators” and more from related fields. In fact, the notorious New York Times hit piece “They See Gangs of Stalkers...” where Dr. Lorraine Sheridan of Curtin University quoted “anonymous poll respondents” flush with all of the same people named above is one such “cold case investigator” herself. And, like many sadists and other institutional bullies, she also works in her states prison system too. Junk science, and biased research is a hallmark in these cases where actual stalkers claim they are victims; or where they assist this illegal practice and its practitioners, as noted in the Fort Worth Weekly piece “Gang Stalkers” by Teri Webster.

Here is more about Source Watching the disinformation, junk science, and psychobabble from sources in the gang stalking dialectic.

Blaming the Chinese/Russians/bad guy du jour for western democracies rampant surveillance state and security contractor corruption problem: Anne Marie Brady gets gang stalked in New Zealand

The Anne Marie Brady case in New Zealand in 2018 brought a lot of attention to how wealthy, well connected people in western democracies use gang stalking, aka security contractors and others, to target their critics, while gas lighting the public at large and allowing blame to fall on the Chinese.

When gang stalking hits the main stream news, it looks a lot like this:

Suspected sabotage of car belonging to burgled professor and China researcher Anne-Marie Brady

16 Nov, 2018 12:00 AM

 Anne-Marie Brady, professor at the University of Canterbury. Photo / Supplied
Anne Marie Brady, professor at Canterbury University

And, journalists who cover gang stalking cover it like this, from Suzi Dawson:

The Anne-Marie Brady case is the most high profile recent example of politically-motivated targeting in New Zealand. Brady’s claims are precisely in step with, and validate past claims myself and other New Zealanders have been making for years. Our experiences foreshadowed hers as if they were mirror images: vehicular sabotage, thefts of electronic equipment, home invasions, surveillance, harassment and other types of psychological targeting methods employed against us by these agencies and their subcontractors.
Dozens if not hundreds more victims would be found if anyone in the NZ media took the leap into the rabbit hole.
I applaud and am relieved for Brady that she has been able to create a bulwark of public support where many other targets are simply written off as crazy or met with a wall of disbelief and silence.

I got news for ya: it ain’t the Chinese, bro’s and sistah’s, its your own people doing it, and yes, the police, working at the behest of wealthy players are allowing it to happen to you, and indeed are complicit in it.

The history of western intelligence agencies breaking the law, is long and bloody, illegal and paranoid; and gang stalking is just a part of the whole shenanigans. Just a blink of the eye before our current crisis of privacy, we saw the NSA sabotaging Crypto AG in 1995 with all of the “bizarre” activity you might expect.

Fast forward to the lawless post-9/11 era, and western intelligence outfits and billion dollar “security contractors” have become–to paraphrase Viktor Frankl “everything they hate” about their purported enemies, and worse.

And here is what gang stalking looks like, and note the “electronic harassment” involved:

University of Canterbury professor Brady, who gained international profile over the past 18 months for her work exposing China’s influence campaigns – including in New Zealand – was subjected to a series of mysterious break-ins at her home and campus office in February.

These burglaries, apparently targeting electronic media including phones, computers and USB drives, sparked high-level interest with the Prime Minister expressing concern, and the Police began a nine-month – and still ongoing – investigation involving Interpol.

Look: maybe if western “democracies” had any real checks and balances protecting the weak from the powerful, or any shred of democracy protecing the marginalized, the dissident, or the activist from our own people’s religionist mob rule, and against the rampant abuse of those of us who use “words” instead of weapons to maintain democracy–maybe then the CCP’s soft force diplomacy, actual on the ground and very active daily capitalism, and ultimately safe society; and the Russian Oligarchy where Edward Snowden fled after becoming a whistle blower wouldn’t seem so “free” when compared to that western mess.

But clearly, what we are seeing in gang stalking is the western democracies crumbling due to their own lawlessness and mob rule, and established communist countries and policies widely appealing to those at the margins of the tribal-sectarian, anti-democratic crypto-theocracies–the pseudo-democracies of the west.

Feel free to shoot the messenger, but I have caught more than your shrapnel-and caught a few scummy spies, too. But the Chinese are not Ms. Brady’s problem. As Suzi Dawson clearly implicates the willingness of western FVEYs nations to allow their puppeteering oligarchs free reign to terrorize same-nation citizens:

What neither Mrs Brady nor her supporters seem aware of or willing to address, however, is that her work didn’t just shine a huge light on China. It focused directly on the same political network that was implicated in the Dirty Politics scandal of 2014. From Brady’s now-famous research paper:

John Key, Judith Collins, David Wong-Tung – these are very familiar names. Brady seems unable to acknowledge that by exposing many questionable connections between China and New Zealand, she is not just exposing the Chinese.
She is exposing New Zealanders. Very well connected New Zealanders.”

For my part, I remember a time when the Chinese were much loved in the FVEYs nations: remember that time when…

Rigggghhhht. Know your place, Chinaman! The “good people” of the west just love you when you know your place in “their” societies, can I get an Amen!?

Wheeeew. I’m glad that’s not my mess to deal with. But you can write to journalist Suzi Dawson if you are curious to follow this “gang stalking in the main stream news.”

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