Kroger shooting: Can you spot the lucky 13 in the latest mass shooting in the USA?

Repeatedly, we see the number 13 appearing in press reports of mass shootings in the USA, and so I am holding a reader contest for readers who can spot the Lucky Thirteen in each story in the press where such occurs.

Examples are many, and the recent Kroger shooting is just one out of hundreds of examples:

Tennessee Kroger shooting leaves 13 injured, one dead

The likelihood of this number occurring randomly in these events is beyond chance, and so, it appears that some kind of social engineering is active in these events. You can use my search feature to read about cases where this is true, and verified, using keywords: thirteen, 13, twelve, 12, coincidence, the thirteens, and so on.

Search at, or at, or here at this blog you are now reading for the many examples where this occurs.

Feel free to submit stories where the number appears in the story of a mass shooting, incel car crashing, or other manufactured terrorism event.