Debunking the false gang stalking claims is relatively easy:” I have computer chips/RFID/implants in my body!”

The gang stalking dialectic is full of spooks, former spooks, and current and retired military and police. Or, In the words of Dr. Eric Karlstrom (who I seem to recall is also related to NSA personnel) “I have learned, unfortunately, not to trust people who claim to be TIs. My experience indicates that this “field” is flooded with spies, perps, cyber warriors, and disinformation specialists, that is, “fake TIs.”

Have a read through this, where the fake TI goes on and on describing her access to spyware, and inter-continental mapping of networks( most of which is fairly accurate) until we get to the inevitable “they are zapping me/tracking me with satellites!!!!” type of claims.

These claimants are ubiquitous in the gang stalking dialectic, and easy to spot, because they make easily debunked claims. Here below is one such claim, from fake TI and Canadian researcher, Bobbi Peitsch, as documented by Karlstrom:

I am routed to Australia Education Network around the clock because I have non-consenting RFID in my body,”!!!!

What exactly is “non-consenting RFID,” you might ask?

Well, for starters, the word “consent” is applied for reasons unknown. Look, you either have this thing or you don’t. So, after you figure out that you have this thing, then get it out. Its your responsibility at that point. Yet its a claim that is frequently made since the 1950’s that agencies will implant a persons body with tracking technology of various kinds, which is a claim that can easily be investigated, and easily proven, or disproved.

But no “fake TIs” ever seem to get that far in the conversation (as we see in a recent Fort Worth Weekly article by Teri Webster, they flake out as soon as you ask them for evidence of ANYTHING remotely related to facts) , because, well, because they are fakes. Part of a well heeled disinformation/misinformation operation that may, or may not be organized by “the goverment/”the FBI/The CIA/the FVEYs/Mossad/USAF/etc*.”

And, these fakes are far more prevalent than the real cases of gang stalking that are documented all over the web, and here at this blog you are reading. See the case of Ahmaud Arbery, who was targeted by a gang that tried to zap him with a Taser, two years before they murdered him in cold blod, for a recent example.

But as Karlstrom notes, the #fakeTIs outnumber actual targeted individuals 9-1, more or less, and I concur, with a note that the ratio is likely much higher, perhaps 99/1 or worse.

So, feel free to trace this source Bobbi Pietsch and ask her why she doesn’t just fly to Cuba, Russia or China, or any socialized country where doctors are inexpensive, honest, diligent; and where MRI’s and CAT scans are incredibly cheap? Go find that implant, honey!

Or not, lol.

Here is her information, posted by herself online, and note that she describes herself as a “A Member of the Statute of Rome,” lol:

Bobbi Peitsch

263 Johnson Avenue East, Winnipeg Manitoba, R2K 0L6

Phone: 431-373-5712

*in my fifteen years of research, I have discovered that the vast majority of gang stalkers are in fact NOT the government, though most have state/federal/international ties to current and retired law enforcement and agencies related to intelligence operations; and most work in the “deep state” of the inter-linked NGO’s that crop up EVERYWHERE in the dialectic. Feel free to contact me, and I will refer you to the names of those people.

UPDATE: After Ms. Peitsch replied, I found it necessary to write another post for clarification. You can read and reply over there if you are so inclined. And you are not alone: some 70 or so people have read this since Ms. Peitsch commented here, from all around the world–from SWITZERLAND, Israel, Norway, Sweden, and all of the FVEYs nations too…. and many many other countries…..

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  1. Well this is a funny article, that I am “fake”, I have obtained documentation in medical records dating back several years of a foreign artefact in my shoulder. I am willing to put the documentation up to a court regarding YOU, so what do you say? I am game for someone else paying for the removal of it, and I nominate YOU@!

    1. Hi, Bobby, and sorry to hear about your misfortune.

      And that misfortune appears to be that you are not able–or are unwilling–to have your crackpot claim tested in a court of law, or, have a medical opinion about it. Otherwise you would have done it by now, right?

      Listen: buy a dollar store scalpel/box cutter, some iodine, and a big bandaid. Get a friend to help you remove it. Voila!

      But instead, people like you litter the internet with gibberish about electronic weapons, and make it difficult for journalists and others to sort out the garbage from the actual cases of government targets.

      That said, I had bullet fragments and shrapnel in my body for over a decade, and finally got it removed. There was indeed some kinetic related pain, and weather related stiffness–but zero “electronic harassment.”

      I was also a target of several malign actors ranging from police and fire personel, miltary contractors and NGO stalkers, and investigators of all kinds in that period. The War on Terror is DEFINITELY a huge issue, and targeted individuals are indeed very real–millions of muslims, black and brown people, poor whites, activists, dissidents, and anyone who is part of the peace movement were horrifically targeted in the last two decades.

      But as long as people like you keep polluting the internet with unverified claims, it makes it difficult for people like me, and millions of other victims of the surveillance state to get our stories into the public.

    2. Also, if you are threatening a lawsuit, go ahead. It’s ironic that a person would have the money to sue a critic of their psychobabble online, but cannot get a dollar store box cutter a bottle of iodine and a big bandaid to solve their problem, lol.

      Sue me!

  2. Crazy enough to be a manchurian candidate, or drive you crazy enough to do anything to get away from them . I know they drove me 3 times if I had a gun i would of done anything to get away. People do not understand the power of these weapons and that is why I state that we live in a totalitarian state years ago. I know how men think only problem that they will become targets themselves as I have said so many times in the past no one will be exempt.

    1. Well, yes, the USA is full blown surveillance police state, and has been for years. But what do you mean about how “men think?” The USA has its equal share of brutal, gang stalking crackpot women too.

      What exactly is a Manchurian Candidate?

      It seems like a smear on China, whose economy is booming, and whose people are in a state of constant peace. Thats sort of amazing, considering that western governments have been trying to dope them, rope them; starve and invade them for well over two centuries.

      Yet here we see the USA fraying along the tips of its Horseshoe Theory shaped political system. Either side you pick is totalitarian, religion tainted anti-democratic rule.

    1. Well, some of it certainly is Havana Syndrome, a minority of cases which have come to light.

      But the vast majority of gag stalking is local police departments utilizing “high policing,” aka political policing, and “intelligence led predictive policing,” in coordination with Fusion Centers.

      Corporate spooks and NGO’s are heavily involved too

  3. I don’t like what you wrote about Bobby Mr karlstorm. Bobbie is a targeted individual she goes on to describe the RFID in her body and the funny part is, is that you mention going to other countries to get the mri’s and scans done and call her out for not going to those places to get it done which is have the RFID removed however I’ll note to you as well that I’ve been working with Bobby for many months and she is helped me tremendously I also know that I went to a doctor at Georgetown University hospital Washington DC and he described a scenario that what if they could not find what I was looking for in my body that any hospital in the world that I went to would say the same thing he said that with a very stern look on his face ( Dr whopper ) as if countries all have everything mapped out. Common Sense would tell you that if she is this knowledgeable on radio frequency transmission that when she refers to being Zapped that she’s referring to radio frequencies being transmitted into her body / laser weapons which is a direct energy weapon system that connects to the internet online and offline that is being used to the highly masked system transmission to the gps tracker / pet id tags located in our bodies. This is a fact that’s clearly been hidden in plan site for many years in America. Dating to my research which is awesome to 1995 and 1996 in Canada and us as the human genome project ( aka the testing of radio frequency devices on human subjects for biomedical studies, what’s so hard to understand about that. The women mentioned non consent RFID – WHAT IS HARD ABOUT UNDERSTANDING NON-CONSENT???? We did not give them permission as well for that this site is not one to look at Nor listen to because at the end of the day you also seem to be heavily tied to all the entities which you mentioned. And to keep telling people not to trust anyone is your insecurities and you need to leave them to thereself people have common sense and people have intuition to use for themselves people can trust who they want please stop making sites like this to persuade people on their ideas which lead them away from cases because it takes up time and it disfigures the conversation between others and how they are handling their own business which we are all accounted for no one is coming to save any of us we must account these people for what they have done for I will note that what you said about most of the perps not being government is true however they are highly connected to the government for example my gang stalker is ex legislator Tommie Broadwater Junior from Washington DC Maryland Fairmont heights Maryland to be exact is where his routing starts from and is masked from Washington DC with such as legal protection companies band diversified investment agents/ companies that are connected to cogent markmoniter and clarivant for the IETF to route targeted individuals as devices in the network and humans for profit in blockchains which I’ve recorded several times as these same hackers for many years change the there payments bro run from the law and route to Germany and many other places you mentioned. so when she says that she’s routed to the Australian companies understand this is a very specific routing system that we have worked very diligently and hard to discover and factually present information. don’t describe subjects like this to people that you clearly have not taken the time to have full on conversations and have all the evidence presented before making a educated guess about who you assume that they are good day

    You may end up blocking your blessings by putting others down that you have not concurred to be actual perps with any evidence on this page I have not seen any documents that support what you are saying about her being a fake TI when you do have the evidence please send me a copy to my email thanks.

    1. Nice try asking for support from me. That’s not my job, its hers.

      “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.” I think rational readers know this, and can judge for themselves. “HEY EVERYONE….YOU DECIDE!!!”

      But I do have evidence that the vast majority of those who claim “electronic zapping,” etc. fall into several categories:

      -Religious crackpots like Dr. Stella Immanuel, whose fifteen minutes of fame during the Trump era saw her yammering on about “electronic weapons and having sex with demons.”

      -pseudo-feminist anti-pornography crusaders like Dr. s Tomo Shibata, Catherine Horton, and their like. These types are highly focused in that area, and Shibata even had her crackpot work overseen by Dr. Catherine MacKinnon. No small surprise that her father, Admiral George MacKinnon helped form the super secret FISA court. That’s where our slippery slope to the current situation of the USA’FVEYs nation-wide/world-wide wiretap began….

      – “Women’s empowerment” groups who are actually stalkers themselves, and whose cause is highly gendered narratives of domestic violence. Canada has quite a highly organized groups, one of which I covered in the case of the Portapique mass shooting, where Gabriel Wortman took out a few of the people who were stalking him, and after his leach of a wifey contacted someone in the USA.. My guess is that it was a police affiliated DV contact, and the wife–every bit as much of a criminal as Wortman likely was–was also a likely police informant, which is another category online of those who claim they are being zapped with brain lasers, etc. Snitches get stitches dontchaknow….

      Regardless–the burden is on the claimant, but I repeatedly prove my case. As I told her: get a dollar store razor knife, a bottle of iodine, and a big bandaid and cut the damned thing out already.

      Maybe you can help her?

      In the meantime, she should write more about her work tracing telephone cables, and other SIGINT and spook related stuff. She’s actually not bad at that..

  4. I just saw this–admittedly I only skimmed tat word salad up there before I replied.

    “And to keep telling people not to trust anyone is your insecurities and you need to leave them to thereself people have common sense and people have intuition to use for themselves people can trust”

    Ah, trust! Yes, they can use whatever they want intuition, crystal balls, chants into the desert as the goat flees into the wilderness.

    But I write about cases that can be proven with facts, and utilize scientific evidence to verify my own claims, and she should too. Have a look at the case of Ahmaud Arbery, who was targeted with a Taser, two years before a gang of police, retired police, and other community stalkers murdered him.

    Or, take a look at the eBay stalkers, which included lots of “electronic harassment” in the form of cyber-stalking.

    Or the Paco County sheriff’s “targeted individual program” that is in the courts right now, thanks to the Institute for Justice–not those frauds over at #fakeTI site Targeted Justice.

    Sure–I will just trust anyone who believes in Bigfoot, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and Champy, but electronic weapons, brain blasters and zappings from satellites?

    Not so much, unless its spoken in clear, scientific language, with solid evidence, and especially if those gang stalkers get prosecuted, like the Ahmaud Arbery case mentioned above.

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