WELCOME to my new “follower”- 13 Witches control the Illuminati, and meets eight times annually on the “Witches’ Sabbaths”….ooops….wrong follower. I meant @TheArchitect009!

I meant to say WELCOME to “Christos Essene Knight” @TheArchitect009, whose work can be found at that link and at this one too, the main link to the Essene network of hard right political conspiracy theories, and elsewhere online ( I recommend you do the SOCMINT on that one) and to my new follower: maybe you would like to contribute your thoughts on Masonic Gang Stalking and conspiracy theories? My readers would appreciate it.

And: why are you “following” me? I ask that on all of my blogs when I get followers with Masonic type nym’s like yours. And, because it helps the fact finders out there to validate the ROGS Analytical framework of tracing webs of gang stalkers too, and prove “who are the gang stalkers.”.

But a word of caution, @TheArchitecht–this blog you are reading only deals with facts and evidence, while I note that you deal in conspiracy theories. Maybe put your efforts into solving the puzzle of “current and former police, military, intelligence agents” are who gang stalkers are. That would be enlightening to the general population, and many journalists too.Some of us are working towards a Pulitzer in this exact area, so feel free to contribute what you know.

For now, I only know you as an “Essenic Knight” of some kind or other, according to your online presence.Like this little ditty about Truth Gnosis. Hey-have you ever noticed that your pal Jesus wasn’t himself a stalker? Interesting huh….exactly why do so many “religion confused” persons mis-attribute so many bizarre behaviors to that quasi-mythical desert priest sooper hero?.

There’s this-I would like to see the evidence, please:

Well BoJo Is A 33rd Degree Mason And Its Very Common For There Wives To Be There Handlers Its The Whole Matriarchal BS At Its Finest pic.twitter.com/CVKjxojaal— CHRISTOS ESSENE KNIGHT (@TheArchitect009) November 20, 2020

Wives as handlers? LOL, that would encompass some 90% of all western marriages.Does that make every hen=pecked hubby a Mason? Their wives are deep state conspirators? Lulz.And, its “their” wives, not “there wives.” In order for that to work you would need a comma.

And then, this no starter too:

Who The Heck Are Buying Body Parts In The First Place ? It Must Of Been A BIG Market Too… They Must Be Cannibals Or Something …. pic.twitter.com/e5AeaAU2Ub— CHRISTOS ESSENE KNIGHT (@TheArchitect009) December 4, 2020

Obviously war in all its gruesome forms provides lots of hearts, eyeballs and kidney’s for the medical mafia. No one is arguing that war isn’t an abomination. So what’s your point exactly? Proof or GTFO.

I myself am a fact and evidence type of person, a rejected stone, making my furtive appeal as a widows son, hoping that Ken Kesey’s excellent work can get a revisit from Hollywood in this generation. I am certain that I am just the person who should write it too, having spent seven years researching, and six years writing on this topic, and so on.

That said–I address the bulk of this post to the reader and researcher of gang stalking and its related themes; and especially to the journalists who seek to cover this topic. As you see with my new followers nym, Masonic symbolism, and linguistic clues litter the dialectic. So, do the SOCMINT, and and don’t forget all of those free investigative tools from the Society of Professional Journalists.

And of course, don’t forget to report on these cases ethically, because there are real victims that are being abused by all of those “fake TI’s” too. Seek Truth and Report It!

UPDATE 3/6/2021: Have a look at ROGS Analysis, which predicts that these “gangs” of “stalkers” and their cyber activity, and real life activity utilizes the numbers 12 and 13 in their “craft.” Then, look at this image, and play “spot the 12 and the hidden 13!”….and then note the concordance between ROGS Analysis, and the comments section below this post.

0 thoughts on “WELCOME to my new “follower”- 13 Witches control the Illuminati, and meets eight times annually on the “Witches’ Sabbaths”….ooops….wrong follower. I meant @TheArchitect009!

  1. Trust Me Pal Put Me In A Ring With You And We Will Settle This Like Men You Know Nothing About Me And Running Your Docile Little Mouth Off Online Changes Nothing Only Cowards Make Assumptions About Things They Couldnt Possibly Comprehend Or Fathom, You Believe You Have Experienced More Than Me In This Life You Have Zero Clue And I Only Hope You Find Peace, Me Associated With Masons Ha ha ha Your A Fool They Have Contracts On My Head Bigger Than Anything You Have Ever Heard Of Facts

    1. Hi, and thanks for your(keyboard warrior, testosterone charged) reply. Also-do you use special software to capitalize all of those letters at the beginning of every word? It seems like a lot of work otherwise, lol.

      Listen-only boneheads, hillbillies, goats and Negev trolls fight for free, so it would take at a minimum, around 75G’s for me to even THINK ABOUT working out for such a wrasslin’ match.

      Regardless of your overtly hostile tone and insults, look–you “followed” me, and I asked you why. As you might know, cyber-stalking is a “gang stalker” behavior, and many who have been GS’ed report that people “follow” them. Your threats only lend proof of my claims about you to any reader.

      Also, you seem a bit paranoid and presumptuous, as I never said I have “been through more” than you in this life or any other. But feel free to share your story here. Mine is rather well known.

      As for having a clue, well, your own nym Essene Gnostic Knight, or wutever, is an actual claim to being a Gnostic Knight, and your references to being an “Architect” of some kind or other definitely indicate a Knights Templar/masonic origin, you can Google it yourself. And your work at worldwidetargeting is just odd speculative far right B.S.to me.

      I mean, evidence or GTFO, ok?

      All that said, feel free to share your story or whatever, and easy on the paranoia. I can see you there right now, in moms basement, body slamming yourself (disguised as Matt Hardy) in a Walmart WWF Wrestlmania ring playset. WHAMMO!

      So, facts, ok? I am open to listening and publishing your “Bigger Than Anything You Have Ever Heard Of Facts,” if in fact you have any.

      And seriously–what’s wrong with docile, anyways? Why do bullies and blabbermouths resent peaceful people? But my work online is FAR from docile, and in fact, it empowers actual targeted individuals around the world; and maybe even you.

    2. There is ongoing story from Puerto rico of some voodoo queens which is linked to cia. In this story a puerto rican went to Australia for visit and meets a guy then comes back to Puerto rico and give birth to a boy. This mother then visits Australia with that baby and father plans a dna test so mom accuses him of domestic voilence and flies back to Puerto Rico. This girl then claims child has autism and is banging head on wall daily.She sent videos of child self harming. Strangely enough the baby she bought to Australia had physical harms to body and she herself said that she will soon have sex with her baby.The father of child was gang stalked and bullied daily at work with everyone talking about a baby as if it was a secret freemasonic joke in Australian community.The child was never born but likely stolen or bought from some hospital.The father of child then approached Aussie police for welfare check upon which Puerto rican child welfare agency said “no such child exists”. The child birth records were deleted from US gov systems.Next thing is alleged father of child has child passport copy and docs stolen from his bag at home in Australia. He protested about the child so they put him in mental ward indefinite detention. Then Apple,google automatically deleted child pics from laptops and tried to set him with child porn charge. The beauty about this girl from Puerto rico was she was military psychologist who practised Santeria magic and often talked of human sacrifices in Puerto Rican forest which no one can investigate. This is why there is ongoing talk about QANON. That girl also was a freemason and again 13 number. The real reason why cia did this was they want to use fake baby mind control trauma to create alter in target so they can hire him. There is no trust in google or apple or whatsapp or laptops Australian gov and US gov can add any picture including child porn to frame an innocent or delete any pic like that child traficking baby ids images were deleted. Child traficking, MK ultra and child abuse is being carried out in broad day light in Puerto Rico by cia but no one can dare to investigate. If you do investigate, they will put you in mental health wards or set you up with child porn so they can send you to jail for 50 years. shame on Australian and US gov for supporting child abuse,child traficking. Qanon followers please take note.

  2. Oh and as my website clearly states your a tech target a victim of a military experiment your not special i am RH- Blood Type Target different level oh and i was in one of the childrens homes masons were using to rape kids >>> Bryn Allen > LLAY > WALES > 1994 So Shut Your Fuckin Mouth

    1. Well, you can just start there then-and talk about that. But you didn’t. I met you here for the first time with one of those bizarre Knights Templar/stone mason type of names, alas @TheArchitecht is either A) you are an architect, or B) you are referencing the biblical quote attributed to a near-mythical Jewish prophet.

      If A) then lets talk about Frank Lloyd Wright, I.M.Pei, or some of the other greats in that field. If B) well, like I said….

      SO: sorry to hear that you were part of the Domestic Violence Industrial Complex (DVIC) and its exploitative foster care system. Yes, these state run, children for profit schemes are horrific, and real. I have known many in these systems, and the networks of these people are astoundingly powerful and well connected.

      In fact, most gang stalking IS related directly to the various “baby farming” schemes of the post-religion era. Guardianship battles are bizarre, as are: #fakerapes, medical kidnapping, foster care rape factories–all of these are very real, and yes, gang stalking of victims and witnesses is profoundly disturbing.

      But in my many years of research, I have found that claims it is “the CIA/FBI/etAlphabet” are only marginally true, whereas most stalking is actually state and locally paid workers, like family court employees and other benefactors, police deputies, social workers, psychologists, and their related health care operatives.

      Yet you provide zero evidence of ties to anyone person or organization. Maybe write about THAT. Provide evidence of THAT.

  3. HAHAHHAHA Your A Fuckin Dirty Masonic Pedo You Even Make The Quote In Your Article

    “I myself am a fact and evidence type of person, a rejected stone, making my furtive appeal as a widows son”

    Widows Son Is Masonic FUCKIN CLOWN

    1. What software are you using to do that weird capital letters thing anyways? Does that magic Freudian “projection mirror”do all that for you?

      I have no comment on Masons generally, other than to say that they permeate the gang stalking dialectic.

      And easy on the insults, ok? You self flagellating, vago-dicked hyena.

      (WheeeHee, insults are fun!)

  4. Well, that’s all interesting, but maybe provide a link? Otherwise it just looks like more psychobabble to me, and to my readers.

    What is you say does indeed contain the kernel of truth that feeds these narratives, and yes, CIA et al, multi-agency complicity in deriving profits from children, whether as “child soldiers” in Africa; or as drug couriers in Central America; or as “children swept into western Jewish-christian “child protective services,” and its social worker-psychologist-medical mafia bottom feeders– or even the many cases of left wing and “progressive” child profiteering as we saw in the case of the “Hart Family Homicides” is involved in “child trafficking” on so many levels, but without evidence, or a link?

    What you are saying just sounds crazy.

    Here is more on how a couple alcoholic lesbians robbed the “baby farming bank” by adopting children and then tossed them off a cliff when their children for profit scheme was exposed:


    And here’s a bit about how right wing nuts and religion-affiliated shitbags use children for profits:

    Kids for Ca$h


    I mean, really, please submit a link, or your case just sounds like more psychobabble from the et-Alphabet agency mind-trap crowd.

    I encountered gang stalking over four decades ago, as some old white people tried to buy a young woman’s baby. That woman said ” Everywhere I go, there is a gang of people who follow me!”

    I thought she was nuts, but have since learned that this is what “system affiliated” people do, using police power, to leverage children from young women, and fathers.

    At the time, I was lucky that she asked me to intervene. But after that? Yeah, nothing but harassment from these people and their “democratic” systems.

    Curiously, she now lives right next to a USAF air base. Coincidence, right? A fully exploited, controlled asset.

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