Police Gangs = “what is gang stalking?” and what happens to gang stalking targets?

The vast majority of cases of gang stalking are NOT the FBI/CIA/DHS/Mi5/JTRIG/FSB, etc. or whatever your local alphabet agencies are called. But gang stalkers frequently include, and ARE informed by people who once worked in those exact same agencies, and many work in NED funded “NGO’s”

Hiding the Ball: The ultra right wing National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is an octopus of international spying designed to hide western intelligence agency activity in foreign nations.

Domestic Fusion Centers, and Their Networks of Current and Former Police, Spies, and Military Trained PSYOPerators Enable Gang Stalking in similar capacities

UPDATE: Nine readers looked at this post today, which also happens to be a popular post at www.researchorganizedgangstalking.org But who-and what–is looking at you!? This post is the most popular post at this blog, because NED and their affiliated, anti-democratic and anti-Constitutional organizations are looking in

Although the tactics of community gang stalking mirror the exact same surveillance and harassment of federal level cases like this one, they are usually just local scumbags affiliated across the spectrum of police, fire fighters, state workers and unionists, and others who suck the teats of federal funding, each one of them a beneficiary in “political narrative formation.”

And they include many variants of what are known as the Law Enforcement Intelligence Units (LEIUs) , which are in fact, gangs of retired police and other intelligence agents; and many of them, like this example, are trained in psychological operations too. Have a look here as a psycho-babbling moron, Tiffany Fontenot, targets a a so called “sex offender” who himself had encountered the USA-FVEYs child pornography distribution networks, run out of state police and FBI-FVEYs offices. Child pornography IS the go to tool to silence dissent, and deissenter in western “Jeish-christian” nations, all of whom have foregone their own constitutions in order to engage in such criminal activity, while framing “suspects” instead of their black programs It’s what they are living off of today, having sacrificed civil liberty and due process of law, in favor of religion tainted narrative, cloaked in the fear of “bad guys.”

Like Fusion Centers, these off-the-radar organizations and their associated crackpots all have different names, which makes the organized aspect of them hard to trace out, which is by design. Targeted Justice is one such organization, but there are many more. The example of Fusion Centers alone reveals that even counting how many of them there are is difficult, as noted by the ACLU:

There were 40 fusion centers when the report was published. Six months later there were 58 fusion centers and a growing number of news reports illustrating the problems we identified, so in July 2008 we published a follow-up report. Today there are at least 77 fusion centers across the country receiving federal funding.

As I once wrote, the number 77 has mystical meaning to western neocons and religious fanatics, and it frequently pops up in their online nym’s (screen names) and other material. You can stumble over to the Department of Homeland Security web page for more information about that (if you dare, as these organizations actively track your IP addresses across the internet.)

Related Story: Threat Assessment is a fraud of an industry on a par with privatized prisons, and it is filled with people who trained in “military psychological operations” aka PSYOPs in CIA/DIA/DoD/NSA and even FBI settings. Take a look at this .pdf from the 2018 meeting of the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP) to see what kind of people run these entirely unnaccountable Fusion Centers. One might ask: exactly WHY do Fusion Centers actively recruit PSYOP trained personel?–but targeted individuals call it by its proper name.

Proving these links between non-active law enforcement and current deep state operations like Fusion Centers is difficult because they all hide behind “investigation privileged” confidentiality, aka “state secrets” privileges. And, so goes it with all of the federal and state level affiliated gangs of stalkers, and especially the various “threat assessment industry” groups and organizations. Beyond the fact that secrecy is repugnant to the Constitution, these organizations are actually anti-democracy in every way.

Below, the questions “what are police gangs,” and “what happens to targeted individals,” and “who are the gang stalkers,” are answered from the Fort Worth Weekly, as we see once again who the gang stalkers are, as people who lost children under suspicious circumstances suddenly come under attack once they question the “official narratives” and their narrators in media, government, and the coroners office. And yes–its full of the usual suspects too: gang stalkers ARE ALWAYS current and retired police, investigators, county coroners, political hacks, former state workers, and their associates with deep pockets. Again, I urge every targeted individual to read this piece called “Gangstalking,” by Teri Webster, where she answers those questions.

What Happens to Gang Stalking Targets?

Barton brought her story to light at this time because she continues to experience what she calls weird and frightening attacks. Documents show that her phone, Facebook account, and email have been hijacked. Phone calls were coming in with the “name” 666, screenshots show. At one point, Barton saw a man parked in a dark car in the cul-de-sac near her home. The man appeared to be working on a computer and had a camera and other equipment on the dashboard, Barton said.

“He pointed at me and started laughing,” she said.

She also showed me a message sent to her by a supporter of the true crime media personalities. The post has a smiling cartoon camera icon with the caption “the deadliest weapon.” When the icon is clicked, it opens her phone camera. Then a button appears that says “click here” to send a picture to the person who sent the video.

Barton further claims that all of the data from her phone was uploaded without her permission to an online cloud account that she cannot access. In August 2019, she began receiving a subscription to Outside magazine, which is addressed to Tanner, even though he never lived at the Barton’s current address. The company who sent the magazine could not tell her who bought it, only that it was paid through 2021. She believes this is also harassment.

“It doesn’t stop,” Barton said. Every week, she blocks dozens of sock puppet accounts that appear as followers or commenters on her social media pages, she said. Last week, she tried to order a pizza, and her credit card was rejected because the zip code on her account was changed without her knowledge. Now the harassers are “getting into my money,” she said.

Cook said her electronics have also been hacked. A document written by an AT&T technician told her in writing that a device attached to her cable could allow someone to tap into the cameras on her smart TV and computer.

So, this is a good case study of gang stalking, and the victim has collected solid evidence. I suggest she turn THAT over to the Department of Justice, as we see that in fact, they have started to prosecute gang stalkers, and call them by their proper names: criminals with law enforcement credentials

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