What’s in a name? Tracking gangs of stalkers, all the way to New Zealand.Who is Peter Hermann, who wrote the MSM smear about Everton Brown, 13 years before his rampage?

What’s in a name? African American Everton Brown was smeared in the press by Jewish political operative, Peter Hermann, 13 years before he blew up his house, and shot a few neighbors.

Let me know if you start seeing patterns with the number 13 in these cases. Or, a pattern with men burning down their houses after being gang stalked. And, a shout out to “Sebastian in Ecuador,” who for some reason or another likes my writing. Feel free to contact me of you want to discuss.

Related Story: A new phenomenon of men burning down their houses–or giving them away– after being targeted with gang stalking. Gabriel Wortman in Nova Scotia burned down several, and the province bought the land at bargain basement prices, after a clandestine clash between local mafia’s and international mafia’s. Then, this guy in Fresno burned his house as fire trucks sat blocks away.Fire departments are cited in blog after blog and Youtube video’s as major gang stalkers, as we see with the most clearly documented case of Rick Krlich in Ohio. Then there was the weird fake-bombing in Nashville where the guy gave away his houses (really–who does that?)

Zionism is a toxic, racist, and race supremacist narrative, no different than the Ku Klux Klan and its women’s auxilliary poison squads that we were all programmed to hate and fear in the boomer era and afterwards, and even today as this idea of “white supremacy” is still bandied about in the press.

As a child, I remember that every conflict became ordered in my little mind as “Nazi’s v US!” and how that spilled over into all of my reality.

Red ants fighting black ants on the tarry street? Nazi’s v US (the good guys!)!

Noises while sleeping next to the in-floor heating grate for warmth during cold winters? Miniature bad guys (Nazi’s!) coming to get US! Every time I heard a click, or a clunk from the furnace rattling through the ductwork, I imagined it was the bad guys–miniature Nazi’s!, Klansmen in pointy hats! marching through the heating duct, coming to get me (US!)!

And the guy upstairs with the concentration camp tattoo was a living reminder to me that the camps were real.But then, there was this other thing that was real too, as I had ancestors who had come from eastern bloc nations where many varieties of the Holodmor had taken place. Good guys…bad guys…sometimes one and the same.

Children are that impressionable. Adults, not so much, and so, I like to do the research on organized gang stalking, and especially, open source intelligence gathering (OSINT) on those who appear in the narrative after the fact of a mass homicide, slandering their target one last time. And sometimes, I turn those results over to the authorities.

In Everton Browns case, we see a sub-narrative emerge, as clear as day. Here below is Peter Herman, who worked for the Baltimore Sun in 2008, and who targeted Mr. Brown as he protested outside the court house. Brown said that he was targeted by the FBI, without evidence, and he sued to try to gain evidence.

But that was long after his stalking began, as we see Hermann slandering the guy in 2008, whereas Brown sued in 2012, and Hermann eventually went to the Jeff Bezo’s/Amazon/ Washington Post.

The internet returns almost 600K results for the phrase “Peter Hermann and Anti Defamation,”and his writing targets all outspoken 1st and 2nd amendments people who are non-Jewish. Here for one example is a piece about the “Proud Boys” but I haven’t yet found him on record criticizing Jews. It seems criticizing Jewish supremacy is off limits for some.

A simple search query in a standard search engine returns nearly 600K hits for “peter hermann anti defamation,” and we see these types doing what they do as if they are “disinterested parties,” who “objectively report facts,” as the most basic journalism ethics course will teach a student.

But that’s not what these people are, by a long shot–they are in their own way, gang members and they are active in racketeering, whether it is the “free press” turned into tribal sectarian tabloids, or whether they are racketeering the “free shops” at duty free airports as they spread hatred of “race mixers” in Israel, and as Ron Unz at Unz.com documents in an article titled “Prominent racist American Jews are funding racist gangs attacking Arabs in Israel, these frauds are indeed implicated in most gang stalkings, exactly like what happened to Everton Brown, who was targeted by these people, and by Hermann specifically.

The result of that targeting was that Hermann wrote a nasty piece about Brown titled “Crazy or Target?” I mean–Brown was protesting organized stalking–exactly what makes his protest something that a journalist would harass him over? If you guessed that Brown was protesting AS an individual, instead of a co-opted member of Black Lives Matter, then you would be correct–these types target individualism, hence the term, “targeted individual.”

That reminded me of the case of Rakem Balogun, who was targeted by the FBI and their little “helpers” in the domestic spy outfit called the Anti Defamation League.across several states. You might also have noticed that I gave a shout out to New Zealand today, because for the first time ever, New Zealand is peeking in here, and one of the well known threats that these insane and toxic bullies make online is that they will “send you down to New Zealand!” where the US FVEY’s has its toxic world wide spying center.

In Balogun’s case, they spied on him family court hearings in one state, and tracked him just like they did in the old time “slave catching” days, as he moved out from the toxic state that had leveraged his children as a tool to leverage his ability to excercise his rights. As a husband, father, and community organizer, “they” stalked him, arrested him, and tried to ruin him over first amendment protected speech. From the DailyDor:

“The father of three is believed to be the first target of a secretive law enforcement surveillance program by the FBI’s Domestic Terrorism Analysis Unit.”

And all of that, why?

Balogun was arrest by the FBI in December 2017 over several Facebook posts criticizing police. 

Special agent Aaron Keighley explained to the court, at Balogun’s trial, that the activist’s Facebook posts had been the reason for his arrest claiming they were proof he was promoting “violence toward law enforcement.”

Balogun said that his posts, in which he appeared to call a man who murdered a police officer a hero, were made in anger at how incidents of police brutality are portrayed: “I just mimicked their reactions to our killings.”

He was exonerated too, but not before the state, and its stalkers in the FBI, the local stalker networks known as “community policing” and the toxic ADL had done what gang stalkers do: they made him “homeless” for awhile, and caused financial hardship. These are actual threats that these people make online and off–its insane that America is run by a secret police, but that’s what has happened since forever….or, 1913, when the international bankster mafia set up the Federal Reserve, and the FBI shortly thereafter.

And it seems that black men exercising speech–and men in general, especially exercising America’s constitutionally guaranteed rights to speech and to keep and bear arms is a threat to certain other groups, whose power is also backed by speech and guns. SO we need look no further in the case at hand–Everton Brown (see here, and here, and here too) to note the same toxic, anti-constituional “stalking” by the usual suspects of the FBI and radical, racist Jewish zealots who do this thing generation after generation. This is what COINTELPRO was, and what modern secret policing is too.

Related Story: How the US Army Intelligence spied on Martin Luther King’s family for three generations before they killed him, and even today they follow his relatives to diffuse their activism. The same is true of Malcolm X, and so many other heterosexual black men, which is why we see only gay people “leading” the Black Lives Matter movement, which is controlled opposition. Certainly, the movements we see, whether right or left are all controlled opposition, and the black hats behind the ADL are not limiting their own breeding as they limit that of others.

So, now, we have names, and an ideology behind the targeting of Brown, and many other men. My question is: are the authorities acting to stem these extremists from targeting primarily heterosexual black men, or are they indeed just waging the inter-generational war on them that international banksters have funded in one form or another since long before the days of the Klan?

Regardless–Jewish-christianity is a terrorist endeavor at each and any junction.

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