“A Massive Crisis”: Majority of U.S. Mass Shootings Have Links to “third party punishment,” and domestic violence allegations that have never seen a day in court

Gang Stalking Fast Fact: When we examine the gibberish online that makes claims about “electronic no touch torture,” and other bizarre narratives, we encounter right wing “women’s empowerment” oriented speakersand many of those are nurses, exactly the types who were targeted by Gabriel Wortman in the Nova Scotia mass shooting

Policy organizations, non governmental organizations, psychologists, social workers, and right wing conservative groups have coopted feminism at every level. Social workers, and domestic violence advocates who do their work out of any of the many “rape crisis centers,” and other “women’s empowerment” affiliated organizations funded by these groups are in fact, frequently actual “gangs” of “stalkers” and they will in fact “move in next door” to their targets.

And, they use the word “torture” quite liberally, never taking up the cause of men held in the west’s privatized prisons and carceral systems, and certainly never opening their mouths one single peep about actual torture that we see going on in Guantanamo Bay Cuba. They are silent about these cases for a reason: these women are the last gasp of 1980’s white female privileged narratives of feminism, which is allied at every turn with right wing religious agenda’s.

Let’s meet one of these women, Linda MacDonald, who goes on and on about “domestic violence is torture,” in a highly sexist, discriminatory, and gendered narrative of violence, completely dismissing women’s culpability in any violence whatsoever; and failing to address the root causes of DV in capitalist societies, which is in fact, privileged narrative of gender.

These types dismiss the activities and atrocities of the state, such as the ongoing “torture” of Fusion Center’s acting as wiretaps of western nations own citizens; or the “human rights” violations that we see every day in Gaza’ and they have nothing to say about the crisis of “homelessness” in the west either.

Here’s more about these “caring souls”:

We are Nurses, Self-funded Independent Scholars, Human Right Educators & Defenders, Researchers, Grassroot Supporters and Listeners of Atrocities

Our work includes: Supporting the Human Rights of Women who have survived Non-State Torture, International Human Rights Education, Speaking, Consulting, Research, Activism, Writing, and Listening to those who have survived atrocity.

Now we move into how they affect mass shootings, always popping up to narrate how domestic violence is a man problem, and how women are not accountable for anything (much as we saw in the 1930’s version of western white domestic housewives who did no wrong, except….)

From Canada’s National Observer

Neighbour reported mass shooter’s domestic violence, weapons to RCMP

Linda MacDonald, a founder of Persons Against Non-State Torture, said in an interview that advocates who are trying to reduce violence against women have long seen a connection between hatred of women and mass shootings.

The Truro-based nurse is among the signatories of a recent statement that called for a deeper look at the role misogyny played in the April 18-19 killings.

“There’s definitely an element of male violence against women in this crime,” she said. “Our main request is an independent public inquiry with a feminist analysis included.”

MacDonald said if male violence against women were considered more seriously in the criminal justice system, it could avoid tragedies such as the one that occurred in Nova Scotia.

MacDonald and her organization PANST rhetoric is eerily the same as that used by Targeted Justice, and Ramola D., and Dr. Toma Shibata, whose masters thesis was juried by none other than late 1980’s feminist Catherine MacKinnon, all of whom are benefactors of white female privilege, and all of whom have rambled on for decades, and threatened lawsuits, and cooked up absolutely insane petitions that never go anywhere. These are who the gang stalkers are, for the most part.You can read one of those crazy narratives here, from Shibata.

With zero doubt, all of these crackpots are right wing feminists, many of whom are frigid, or lesbian, or otherwise suffering psychic disorders; and none of whom believe in equality, due process, or other rights, despite their constant yammering about rights for “torture victims” and anyone who enjoys sex. These people are anti-prostitution, anti-pornography, and allied with right wing religionists.They don’t want rights, they want privileges.

They don’t want an end to violence, they want an end to male responses to women’s violence. They want their privilege in such a society upheld by the courts and the police, and they stalk men accused of DV. And THAT is why there is a link to DV and mass shootings, which are still outliers on a Bell Curve of those who are being gang stalked.

Here is what a gang of stalkers looks like, in case you wonder who it is online rambling on about electronics and brain zappers and so on. I urge any researcher to follow that link, because these are who gang stalkers are in many cases.

Related Story: Martin Fiebert fought the false narrative of claims that domestic violence is a “man problem” and he lost, but thankfully compiled a massive archive of studies that demonstrates that women initiate the vast majority of domestic violence. Read it–REFERENCES EXAMINING ASSAULTS BY WOMEN ON THEIR SPOUSES OR MALEPARTNERS: AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY Also see the case of little Christopher Bowen and “child abuse rings,” and how one little boy was abused by his mother for eight long years. Then look at those women in the photograph, and imagine the effect of their sexist ideology on any child. Scary.

Mean, fat, ugly, bitter, privileged religious crackpots, each and every one of them, and attempting to STOP equality at every turn, and expecting men to shoulder all the work of schlepping violence around for them. Hey, lady! Learn some krav maga, or karate, like the rest of us must do to stay safe in your very violent western world! Because the many forms of violence affects us all, and the gang stalking that you perpetrate (aka “third party punishment“) is directly attributed to be causing mass homicides.

This comment by MacDonald appeared shortly after the Portapique Nova Scotia mass shooting, where Gabriel Wortman targeted people who had targeted him, including “people who moved in next door” to him, and others connected to the “domestic violence” funding pot. There are many such stories, search “Gabriel WOrtman and domestic violence.”

Indeed, as it turns out, he was a prick, and seemed to get into fights with his common law wife, who was likely a police informant. See how that works? He says ” I will kill your whole family,” shortly after she makes a phone call to “mystery people” in the USA who were either police, or domestic violence advocates who function in a police role, and all of that as the “community” has picked sides due to gender.

Regardless, both Wortman and his wifey were BOTH likely and purported criminals, but the state uses women like wifey to leverage the real estate, and wealth from men who have it, hence the often repeated phrase in the media that she was his “common law wife,” not just some state assistance and gubmint cheese honeytrap trying to get a piece of Wortman’s pie on behalf of the state.

And again–the state wins either way, as they picked up Wortman’s prime shorefront proerty for a song. And the “good people” of the provincial government, as they said “they didn’t want anyone exploiting” the opportunity–does the irony of this plot get any more comical? REal estate and threats of “homelessness” are central to these stories, as states adopt this form of predatory policing and its octopus of “empowerment” programs situate women as state property themselves.

Because this case happened in Canada, we also must view the narrative from the lens of the English Anglican church, whose history and heritage depends ENTIRELY upon gendered narratives, and then, property rights, inheritance rights, and other issues directly implicated in this case. Here is Queen Elizabeth’s statement, just after the shooting–and before Prince Harry fled her dominion due to racism in her family, and before she lost her husband Phil who died from Rothschildism:

Queen Elizabeth also sent her best wishes on Tuesday, writing, “Prince Philip and I have been deeply saddened by the appalling events in Nova Scotia, and we send our condolences to the families, friends and colleagues of those who have lost their lives.”

The entirety of western society is based upon highly gendered narratives, and especially a code of conduct called “white knightery” where men open doors for damsels, and throw their jackets in the mud for women to walk on. Its a brutal form of sexual control, doling out the “privilege” of sex with a woman for only those men who are “knights.”

Related Story: From Ancient Origins,net, meet the lively and often wealthy whores of Victorian England, who sold sex as a way to gain social power, and weren’t expecting ANYONE to throw their coat in the mud for them. Contrary to the narratives of women loike MacDonald, sex has ALWAYS been a way for women to become “self-empowered.”

Indeed, this gendered template is well established by one such white knight, Hamish Brown, formerly of Scotland Yard, who advises that stalkers and domestic abusers be stalked. And that’s exactly what happened to Gabriel Wortman, before his “domestic violence” related mass homicide: he encountered secret “high policing,” as described by Canada’s own Jean-Paul Brodeur

The link between domestic violence and high policing, aka “political policing,” aka “intelligence led predictive policing, ” aka “the total surveillance state meets targeted individuals,” aka “gang stalking” has some interesting and surprising connections.

Keeping in mind that Targeted Justice’s own Karen Mellon Stewart appeared on the controlled dissent outlet “Democracy Now!”, have a read through the false linkage to domestic violence and mass shootings, which completely denies “third party punishment,”as a root cause.

And who wants to bet that Everton Brown was gang stalked, and maybe some DV allegations along the way too? Fake news Democracy Now blasts out:

“A Massive Crisis”: Majority of U.S. Mass Shootings Have Links to Domestic Violence!!!!!!!!!

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