Disney World and the CIA: what is the “real estate and gang stalking” link?

So many of the stories online of actual, verified gang stalking involve real estate. What is the link between real estate and gang stalking?

The Portapique mass shooting spree by Gabriel Wortman was a real estate related mass shooting, and local political interests as well as the provincial government of Nova Scotia benefited wildly from that event. After the smoke had cleared, the provincial government snapped up Wortman’s property “for a song,” around 90K, and claiming that “they didn’t want anyone exploiting” the situation.

Righto, chums! We don’t want anyone “exploiting” a mass shooting do we? Praise Jesus (and the Hollywood mafia!) that no one “exploited” that real estate opportunity! The good people of Noova Scotia were saved from “saying his name.

Similar real estate disputes are framed as “crazy people” versus “the good people” of a city, state, or other entity. And the precedence for the claims that “the CIA is trying to make me crazy/sell my house/harassing me/stalking me!”often have some basis in fact as we see in this case about the formation of Disney World, Walt Disney hired the former head of the predecessor to the CIA to build on land. Trickery, deceipt, and actual conspiracy BY the former CIA chief was involved in gaining the real estate that DW is built on.

SO, there is precedence in these cases to examine the link between real estate and mass shootings, as well as the tactics used to gain control of entire localities. The Disney case provides a template, and you can query your client, defendant, or other charge for such facts.

A short list of recent cases where men bizarrely gave away their homes/blew up their homes/burned down their homes reveals that gang stalking preceded the events.

  • Everton Brown blew up his house and shot a few neighbors, long after he sued the FBI for records of his harassment. He likely sued the wrong party
  • Anthony Quinn Warner allegedly blew himself up in Nashville, long after he erected fences to keep people off of his property. And, he gave away his homes to a woman who goes by many names, with Michelle L. Swing, a Catholic, a “concert promotions event coordinator” (this is a frequent occurrence as we saw in the Stephen Paddock Las Vegas shooting, the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the Parkland shooting, and many other mass homicides, we see concert and event promoters and promotion agents involved. Israeli mafia anyone?–Israelification has come to America full blast). Her, online bio indicates several interesting things, not least of which is that Quinn signed all of his property over to her over a span of two years. Half a million dollars worth of real estate.
  • Fresno activist John Lang criticized predatory policing practices targeting immigrants and migrants, and then, Lang implicated pro-police, sort-of journalist Jody “Jazzmine” Murray of the Fresno Beein turning over his IP address over to the Fresno PD black operations division, much like this case above about Everton Brown, whose neighbor Sagar Ghimire was a tech guru. Shortly thereafter, the following occured: Lang was framed with child pornography. His house was broken into. Police units waged a bizarre harassment campaign against him that John Lang caught on home security camera’s. A sex offender moved in next door to him. And then, he died in a mysterious fire as fire trucks parked a couple blocks away. Note that police are targeting home security camera’s that do not feed into their department, or Amazon Ring Camera’s–they target individuals who keep and maintain these records themselves, as Lang did. SUch was the case with DeWayne Craddock of the Virginia Beach mass shooting. (wow….all of these mass shootings happening on prime oceanfront real estate!)
  • Etc. These cases are literally too many to document in a single blog post.

Have a read through the story of how Walt Disney worked with the creator of the CIA itself, Bill “Wild Bill” Donovan to covertly, deceptively, and in a definite “conspiracy”buy up prime real estate in Florida to build Disney world.

And, see if it echoes the complaints of your client, or patient. Because gangs of agency affiliated stalkers are very real, and there are many lawsuits that define the scope and practice of “gang stalkers.”

First, to get the land as cheaply and discreetly as possible, “Wild Bill” Donovan and his law firm created numerous shell corporations through which the property could be purchased. And he orchestrated a disinformation campaign to keep the locals from determining that it was really the Disney company that was buying it up as fast as it could, otherwise, residents would ask for a lot more money.

Eventually, people were suspicious enough that Walt Disney had no choice but to come clean; he admitted he was building a new park in Orlando. Immediately, the value of the land shot up. The Mouse House had been purchasing land for as little as $80 an acre, but after the announcement that he was building Disney World, the price skyrocketed to $80,000 per acre (yes, per acre!). By then, however, the company had already purchased 27,000 acres (10,927 hectares), and spent an average of $200 per acre, so it still worked in its favor.

But then how could the Walt Disney Company maintain control of such a large piece of property? That’s when CIA spy Paul Helliwell came into the picture. His answer? Create phantom cities where the property was located, install a compliant government and just make your own rules.

So the cities of Bay Lake — where the current four theme parks are now located — and Lake Buena Vista, which encompasses Downtown Disney and its surrounding hotels, were created, and handpicked Disney employees moved in to control the voting. Meanwhile a third phantom, the Reedy Creek Improvement District, handled local-government things like waste removal, emergency medical services and fire departments. That meant Disney World was exempt from zoning and land use laws, and public money generated within the theme parks would stay in the business, too.

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