Hellooooo Hong Kong! And thanks for “following” ROGS. I hope that you can restore yourself to sanity, after reading this post.

As I mention repeatedly, I get trolls, most of whom operate from within the framework of ” current and former intelligence agents, police, military, and their related factions.” In other words, I am PLAGUED by spooks.

That said, a hearty ROGS welcome to “radiated247″ who seems to have a ” well you know, I was indoctrinated by CIA funded National Endowment for Democracy” spies problem.

Yeah–my heart goes out to you, lol. (Not really.)

Lets take a look at how the “democratic dialogues” have been co opted and stolen, and manipulated by highly placed USA/ FVEYs government officials, and then, we can talk later, ok?

You, there reading your own post, are named ” radiated247″ right? And your entire web presence aside from your useless garbage language strewn blog is this here, right? Yeah, I thought so. To any Occidental, or Oriental observer, you look like a moron. A complete amateur, doing “whatever it is” that you are doing, ok?

So, please “do this.”

Look at how black Americans who advocated for gun ownership are doing politically in America right now, ok? Yeah–speech must be backed by weaponry. Without weapons, speech itself is just, like, Buddhist monks setting themselves on fire.
Jia You!

SO, that in mind, let me tell you: Hong Kong–whether you like it or not, belongs to the Chinese Mainland National Governemt. ANd before you start on about how Britain made some kind of deal or other, and guaranteed some kind of “freedom” or other–keep in mind that the British were forcing people to become drug addicts, and manipulating their lives, long before 33 Jews showed up in Shanghai, and financed Mao.

Really–Hong Kongs strange version of ” free speech” begins and ends with ” are international NGOs affilliated with organized religions, and western occult societies (Freemasons, Opus Dei, CFR, Rothschilds,etc?)” and “foreign state powers?”

Um…yeah. And, maybe, get some solar blocking window film to keep light out of your apartment there in the eastern district of HK. And/or realize that the hey day of NED operations is long gone in Hong Kong.

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