Is Schweda’s Tavern Still there?

This is not Schweda’s, but it is reminiscent of that era.

If I had one day to live again, I would start it at Schweda’s, just off of the lake.

But people like you (that one reader, and you know who you are and so do i)–who will find painful endings to your lives–stopped that memory before it formed.

See you in Valhalla, or–under a speedboat, with my arms around your neck, as a propeller grinds–such as accidents happen, right?

And of course, Sebastian–feel free to ask questions!

0 thoughts on “Is Schweda’s Tavern Still there?

  1. south carolina has a boat case

    mother and son kilt

    he run over some girl with a boat

    i think his dad killed him…lol

    alot cheaper, see ?

    no more drunken boat accidents 🙂


    gotta love that danzig

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