Say Their Names! Contrasting the junk science of “notoriety seeking mass contagion shooters” with reality: most mass shooters have no desire for fame.

Everton Brown, one of the most recent mass shooters, wasn’t seeking fame–he was seeking an end to what he perceived as “gang stalking,” that had a real estate conflict at its center. He thought the FBI was harassing him, sued for information, and was rejected in his claims, when in fact it could have been any number of organizations and especially “community policing” elements of his local jurisdiction.

Related: The Cult of Intelligence: Fame seeking mass shooters are nearly a complete fabrication–the furhtest outliers in a handful of extreme outliers on the Bell Curve of mass shootings.Yet the strange science behind false claims that mass shooters “seek notoriety/fame” are easily debunked, and many acadmic’s who profit from writing such provably false claims are also participating in religious, cultic activity as demonstrated in the linked post.

Brown specifically indicted “the FBI, the military, and the community,” as stalkers, and indeed, in many cases we see that narrative validated, especially with black men. We saw that exact group of stalkers, plus the ADL, stalking Dr. Martin Luther King. I mean–the US Army Intelligence stalked the entire King family for over four generations, according to court testimony, and other sources.

The same is true of the Malcolm X family, too.

SO, while Mr. Brown’s claim that the FBI was stalking him is “likely true,” he did not have evidence, nor did he try to get any, because he was doing what many “lay persons” do when they are under threats that are complex, and hard to investigate: he blamed those who he had been indoctrinated to blame, the FBI. So, his claim was merely a naming error, but stands on the latter part of its face: he was indeed being “framed” as a crazy person for PROTESTING. And, he was framed by political operatives in the press, too

So, the pattern repeats: DeWayne Craddock was definitely NOT seeking fame–he was seeking two things: one, to be left-the -f*** alone, and two, he tried to document who it was that was messing with his car, and later, on his shooting spree at work that targeted specific people, we saw “survivors” discussing how his workplace was full of “pranksters” who coincidentally used Masonic symbolism in their “pranking” (search Dewayne Craddock masonic pranks).

He was also framed by some members of that gang as “violent” which is a claim that is open to factual interpretation of “who did what first, and to whom” but that is never a question when individuals are targeted with “high policing” that frames them as the “bad guy” long before any ballistics start popping. Like other bullshit profiles emanating from the last generations “empowered” white women’s FBI–among them one of my favorite’s “The Profile of the Mental Rapist“–its all junk science and ritualized defamation, no different than early COINTELPRO era stuff, but with more “diverse” faces attached. .

And, we see one or another bullshit FBI profile blast out in the press too after these events. In Craddocks case, he was, according to the FBI a “fixated shooter,” much like their other bogus profile of the comically named “hurt collector,” and other such junk science, which acts as cover for their organizations cultic, deep state operatives using “ritual defamation” as they target people. And as usual, keep your eyes out for the magic numbers 12 and 13 in these stories, as these shooters often target those who targeted them with psychobabble about “bad luck.” Craddock shot 12 people.

Andrew Engledinger, who went on a workplace mass shooting, was not by ANY accounts in media or otherwise, seeking fame. In fact, he lived by himself, like a mouse in a small house, until one day, a public relations company showed up at his workplace and blasted camera’s in his face, splashing him all over their “PR blasts as an employee of Accent Signage in Minneapolis. One must ask: who was seeking to “frame” Mr. Engledinger as a fame seeker indeed.

Later, media ran stories about his Israeli-intelligence agency affilliated boss, and noted that Reuven Rahamim did indeed SEEK SHITLOADS OF FAME, which Engledinger provided eventually. In fact, Rahamim was, like, a media whore, seeking fame constantly for his products, which “helped the disabled.” What a laugh. Google His Name! and see how often that guy SOUGHT NOTORIETY. But Engledinger? Not on record ANYWHERE, EVER seeking fame.

Cases like that sort of turns that ultra-orthodox-Mossad-FBI-zionazi-policing narrative of terrorism on its head, huh? Here is a “timeline” of events(.pdf) from the local news station KSTP, Tell me if you can spot a place on that timeline where Engledinger “seeks notoriety,” ok, kids?

And who could discuss mass shootings without mentioning the Molson Coors Milwaukee shooting, where a black man had a noose hung on his locker, long before he went “ballistic,” and shot up a few of his stalkers.

Clearly, few of these men are seeking notoriety–and yet, Molson Coors for example got tens of millions of dollars of “free advertising” after the fact, because in public relations campaigns “free placement”is EVERYTHING to corporations that use gang stalking to gain free placements online.

Well, as we see time and time again, people like Tom Teves and his occulted, FBI affiliated “brand agents” are total liars–totally full of shit. Mass shooters largely just seek to be left alone, in case after case after case.

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  1. David Arthur, a former transgender and pedo groomer had a certain tranny look

    ive realized recently while years ago…..walking my dog….this big fat crackhead was laughing at me

    it was hanging out in the poor part of town….where i also lived at the time

    some people are freaks….its not gangstalking

    they smoke rocks for sex

    and go to prison for touching kids

    and BINGO

    A fundie prison guard will harass them all day until they repent of their transgressive ways

    my neighbor recently shared with me their hatred for the transgendered

    they fired this man from his job

    thats why i call myself a sociopath

    sometimes i help people but mostly im all out of love .

    its interesting to watch objectively

    eg : i no longer want gender reassignment

    im even further dissociated from that identity.

    but they gossip about me

    im already past crying or being sad.

    i take great pleasure in watching you guys miserable lives

    a toilet flush for a toilet bunch of people

    1. “i call myself a sociopath”

      Sorry to hear that. There is hope, but its not in Jesus, or any of the other organized religions.

      Go outside and get some fresh air once inawhile. Get a hobby. Read some books.

      There are good things in the world if you get off your ass and look for them.

  2. what is a police informant ?
    that harasses people for the cops?
    using military grade psychological operations ?
    i present my conclusion God should flush America down the toilet.
    the people are sick like sodom and gommarrah
    and….they wont take correction but murder their way out of trouble

    1. Police informants are people that “provide information about other people to the police,” usually because they themselves have something to hide.

      There are many kinds of informants ranging from entire spy organizations like the Jewish Anti Defamation League, which has spied on every activist movement in recent history, and worked with the police to stalk and harass targets; to the common street thug who gets caught for a minor crime, and the police use him to entrap others in order to stay out of jail, and so on.

  3. just keep looking for evidence

    i recently found a scam :

    it involves a woman preacher

    fake farmland getting tax payer funds

    ex military….used to gangstalk me

    now, send me more money for Jesus….i mean, myself 🙂

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