Good Afternoon, Ecuador-Peru. Don’t take my “IMDB Gang” posts too seriously, ok? It’s just contact chaining after all–contact chaining “event promoters and gang stalking.”

Gang stalking Fact: many mass homicides are linked to concert and event promoters, and promotions companies.

Anthony Quinn Warner allegedly blew himself up in Nashville, long after he erected fences to keep people off of his property. And, he gave away his homes to a woman who goes by many names, with Michelle L. Swing, a Catholic, a “concert promotions event coordinator” (this is a frequent occurrence as we saw in the Stephen Paddock Las Vegas shooting, the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the Parkland shooting.

These mass shootings…including the bizarre case of Cesar Sayoc, and Omar Mateen, and the Minneapolis Accent Signage shooting by Andrew Engledinger, and…and…and…

They all share one thing in common: concert and event promotions operatives, and people who work in public relations, –people who derive financial benefits, governments contracts, and public relations media “placements” of exponential value are present before, during, and after at the site of many mass homicides, aka mass shootings. All of these are affiliated with religious and cultic narratives, and none would be wiser in the era BEFORE the internet, where facts travel faster than lies.

And contrary to crackpot Tom Tevas and his public relations firm “No Notoriety” his anti-scientific claims, and other radicalized, militant, Zionist narratives of culture, have targeted individuals whom DO NOT seek Notoriety, most notably the Virginia Beach mass shooter DeWayne Craddock, discussed here, who specifically DID NOT USE SOCIAL MEDIA, or otherwise interact in the cyber-sphere in any way beyond his job requirements, which is likely where he ran into some trouble with “deep state operatives.”

Yet that connection–scientifically valid, falsifiable evidence that even the IMDB gang of stalkers is, like, a real thing. Stay safe out there, Ecuador! And–if you would like to discuss, feel free to contact me, not Spain.

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