Who is stalking America’s doormen? Concert and event promotions, police, private security, and mass shootings– Houston, we have a problem

Gang stalking fact: Gang stalking takes place at the gate–anywhere there is a gate, or an opening to control entry and exit; or to control the “narrative of culture,” and its creation

We see repeatedly that there is a “war on security” being waged in the west, as private contractors, police, and others compete for lucrative security and surveillance contracts, and social spaces where people congregate. And this war plays out at any “gate” or “door” where the “in-group” negotiates the social spaces and social opportunities of the “out-group.”

Culture is complex. Add to that the concept of “culture complexes” and culture gets even more complicated. And then throw in some guns, a few dirty security contractors or corrupt policing practices called “high policing,” aka “intelligence led predictive policing,” derived directly from CIA/Mi5/RCMP aka “gang stalking” and it gets outright messy.

Cultural complexes contain cultural traits, which are the smallest units that create a culture. The building blocks of culture then are these traits, and while the term culture cannot have and does not have any agreed upon, definite, or finite meaning, there are highly organized groups that seek to perpetrate the falsehood that American culture does in fact contain some kind of finite and absolute”truth,” and both right and left wing elements from within that culture complex are are at war with each other over that same idea, but with each side pushing extreme versions of it.

We saw this widely in the right wing narrative as they waged a modern Satanic Panic hoax, ala “Pizzagate,” claiming that alternative cultures are all “devil worshipers” who abuse children in the basement of restaurants.

I first encountered that narrative in the early aughts just before 9/11, and as a former “doorman*”I was constantly approached–indeed what turned out as organized gang stalking–approached in many ways, by many people from many organizations. These ranged from local police, to state police, and task force members, to international agents of various “intelligence and policing” capacities from many nations.

The ridiculousness of that claim about basements comes primarily from hard right elements, many of whom are Catholic, Baptist/other Protestant, Jewish neocons, or other extremists, whose own religious leaders, and their subsidiary “DVIC” apparatus are deeply involved in such things. And eventually, that rhetoric caused a shooting at a pizza place–because that is what this rhetoric is: a call and a catalyst to homicides.

And these mass homicides are the results. As such, their tactics resembled what is known as “jumping” a member into a gang, similar to how prison gangs operate, but in “freedom,” as these hidden para-military elements of western society try to force individuals to choose a side, as if there are only two sides.You can read more about that here.

George Floyd was also a nightclub security contractor, as was his murderer, Derek Chauvin, and they were co-workers in the same bar, in one of the most highlighted “wars for the door” in Minneapolis, which, like most cities, has a long history of these internecine battles between police and non-police doormen, who are frequently being pressured to be police informants.

The homicide of George Floyd was no accident, as we see with the recent guilty verdict. Also unsurprisingly, one of the other cops involved in that homicide, Thomas Lane, was recruited from within the restaurant culture of that area too. So, of those involved with the homicide, we see at least two cops involved with restaurant and bars, as door security previous to the homicide; and we see men like Thomas Lane descending from scores of ther relatives who are themselves current and former police.

We also see the recent homicides in California of “security guard” Andre’s Guardado, who was shot in the back five times by some cowards who worked in a gang called the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department*. Those guys are now fired, and likely taking other criminal paths, as the family of murdered Guardado wages a lawsuit.

And we glimpse it again in another highly public “police gang” homicide, as Air Force sergeant Steven Carrillo killed a Federal Protective Service officer, and later Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Sgt. Damon Gutzwiller, 38, and wounding two other officers.

I for one ask: did Carillo trace a gang of stalkers, or take revenge for something related to his beautiful and talented wife, who–for some odd reason, apparently killed herself in a motel room. CErtainly, asking that question is warranted, because she was in the top 1% of her class at the academy, at the launch pad of a career in USAF “electronic warfare,” and she left behind two young children.

Unsurprisingly, the USAF “OSI Informers” were involved in that investigation, and remember the link between them and “gang stalking,” which is all over the internet.

The racial undertones of the Stephen Carillo shooting cannot be missed, as white men hold up images of other white men and ask about whose lives matter. Extra points if you noticed the hints at an anti-abortion subtext in the image. Image from NJSonline

Everywhere you look in these stories, its a war between different factions of law enforcement, and how those factions target non-conforming or non-police affiliated security companies; and then the narrative that runs in the papers and online, which plays itself out in coverage of mass shootings, and other odd events. And, as I say repeatedly, we need to write about it that way.

Then, we should take a closer look at the webs of relations behind the “concert and event promotions” and mass shootings too:

Anthony Quinn Warner allegedly blew himself up in Nashville playing a song from the 1960’s on a loud speaker, long after he erected fences to keep people off of his property. And, he gave away his homes to a woman who goes by many names, with Michelle L. Swing, a Catholic “single mother” and a “concert promotions event coordinator” (this is a frequent occurrence as we saw in the Stephen Paddock Las Vegas shooting, the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the Parkland shooting, etc., etc., etc.

So, there is a scientific link between concert and event promotions, promoters, and mass shootings.

*I use the term doorman because my job was indeed to provide access to spaces, not merely thumping on people’s heads as the stereotype of a “bouncer” goes.

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