Dear “the Chinese”: Please stop targeting Mr. Higgins!

Gang Stalking Fact: Organized gang stalking ALWAYS involves current and retired intelligence agents, military, police, and community “assets, and many of those highly placed in government, or intelligence fields, targeting individuals.

Meet the new gay mafia, at the threshold of the Las Vegas Harvest Festival/Mandalay Bay mass shooting, and a few retired senior level spooks–and China PuhLeeeeaaaase stop picking on poor Mr. Rich Higgins!!!*

A tale of two targets, as a gay, Australian, progressive political operative meets “The Anatomy of a Conspiracy Theory,” by Politico online, and the story of “conspiracy theorist” Mr. Higgins.

Brad Johnson, a retired CIA officer, and Rich Higgins, a former Pentagon official who served for a few months in the White House as director of strategic planning for the National Security Council, meets a dweeb from Australia with dirt on “the Chinese” and all of that as the bullets fly in Las Vegas, and scapegoats are cast into hellish deserts, wearing red flags on their necks!

Targeted Individuals, and the “deep state” here, below, as high level former spooks target a guy associated with the “concert and event and promotions” dark side of gang stalking, which is scientifically linked to mass shootings:

Brian Hodge knows this all too well. He told me he has hired a lawyer to help him figure out a way forward, and that experts he has consulted have told him, “This is never going away.” He feels that the FBI hung him out to dry, and the whole ordeal has made him distrusting and fearful. “I look over my shoulders all the time now,” he says. He believes his phone is being tapped.

The paranoia that has overtaken him is, oddly enough, a trait I also detected in his two accusers. At one point during our lunch, Johnson said, “I get death threats all the time,” and talked about being “targeted by the Chinese.” Higgins likewise believes his phone is being monitored.

Spy v Spy indeed/s, as the “entertainment industry mafia” meets “retired spooks and spies.”

Related Reading: The New Indian Express covers the story of mystery man Brian Hodge, and how Las Vegas security is (cleverly and deliberately) absent, EXCEPT when they are targeting individuals, aka the old “mob shakedown racket, revamped with internet and Fusion Centers,” and the same armies of corrupt cops that Los Angeles is known for as Al Capone rides the rail out of LA.

*Rich, you know how to get ahold of me, via WC Wash DC

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